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A game to develop important workplace skills.

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Leadership Development

Enable instrictic motivation and drive to learn the ability to deal with VUCA, think strategically and lead teams with authenticity .


Create learning opportunities in areas like collaboration, communication, problem solving and decision making.


Engage teams in a high intensity interactive session to foster camaraderie and cohesion that brings people together to do and be more!

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What people say
ABOUT Evivve.

Our clients love Evivve. The game exceeded all our expectations. It is very interactive and requires energy. It develops an understanding of the importance of breaking downs silos and the importance of collaboration, teamwork and transparency. It's an excellent program that we include in most of our proposals now for graduates, managers and directors.

Bill Robinson

PwC's Academy, UAE

I have been using Evivve for a few years and I feel it is a great medium for Immersive Learning. As a facilitator, I find it easy to use and understand. It's effective especially in a group and team settings and particularly for interventions where VUCA is the key theme.

Vipul Malhotra

Executive Coach, Thailand

I just love the tool! Among many things, this tops my list: In some workshops, we need case-studies or examples to highlight certain learning points. In Evivve, I don't need any of tha=t, because the participants demonstrate & showcase the behaviors in real-time. What better ways to convince them about their areas of development than by using their own behaviors?

Ruzi Panjang-Adni

Leadership Facilitator, Malaysia

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